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Top 60 Web3 Leaders of Crypto Accounting To Follow in 2024

Who are the thought leaders in Crypto Accounting for 2024? Discover the top voices, conferences, newsletters, podcast and courses elevating crypto accountants and web3 CFOs.

Explore this guide as it unveils the pioneers, innovations, and communities driving change in the digital finance landscape.

What will you find in this article:

Why Crypto Accounting?

Digital assets are still in their infancy in the financial world. Understanding and navigating web3 accounting complexities is crucial for businesses and professionals.

This article serves as your comprehensive guide. We spotlight key opinion leaders (KOLs), major events, insightful newsletters, informative podcasts, educational courses, and vibrant professional communities in web3 accounting.

Our goal is to shine a light on the hardworking individuals leading this space. Our token of appreciation for their dedication is in this article. They are the pioneers shaping the future of finance, and we honor their contributions.

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    The Landscape of Crypto Accounting Back Office

    The emergence of cryptocurrency has heralded a new era of financial transactions and asset management. However, the infrastructural and operational requirements for managing these digital assets have posed unique challenges for businesses. This has spotlighted the need for a “Crypto Accounting Back Office.”

    What is the Crypto Accounting Back Office?
    This concept encapsulates services, technologies, and processes supporting accounting, financial management, and regulatory compliance for businesses involved with cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.

    For enterprises venturing into digital assets necessitates a robust back-office framework. Traditional accounting and financial systems struggle with crypto transactions’ complexities, including real-time valuation, transaction verification, and blockchain reconciliation. The Crypto Accounting Back Office serves as the cornerstone for bridging this gap. It offers specialized solutions that cater to the intricacies of crypto transactions.

    crypto accounting back-office space 2023
    The Crypto Accounting Back Office Landscape.

    Acknowledging the significance of these challenges, the popular G2.com software review platform has recently introduced a “Crypto Accounting Software” category. This new addition reflects the growing demand for cryptocurrency tools and systems. It highlights the industry’s maturation and the increasing recognition of web3 accounting as a distinct field.

    The expansion of the Web3 back-office ecosystem is noteworthy, largely advancing unnoticed. 

    This growth trajectory is a testament to the escalating demand for enterprise-grade solutions for digital asset accounting. This burgeoning landscape encompasses a diverse array of services:

    • Accounting Firms: These firms have expanded their repertoire to address the distinctive requirements of crypto accounting. Their offerings extend beyond traditional bookkeeping including Fractional CFO services, Fund Management, regulatory compliance, and digital assets reporting. We’ve added a comprehensive list of the best web3 accounting firm that fit your needs.

    • Payments AR/AP Platforms: A vanguard of applications is redefining the processing landscape for accounts receivable and payable in cryptocurrencies. These platforms are ingeniously integrating cryptocurrency transactions into the financial workflows of businesses, fostering a seamless operation. Learn how to compare the top crypto AR/AP solutions.

    • General Ledger Systems: Notably, mainstream systems like QuickBooks, NetSuite, and Xero have demonstrated a measured pace in developing better solutions. Lacking data tracking and management needs specific to crypto transactions. This gap has propelled Web3 businesses towards integrating crypto sub-ledgers like Cryptoworth into their technology stacks, underscoring the necessity for innovation in this space.

    This exploration into the Crypto Accounting Back Office landscape not only highlights the evolving needs of businesses in the digital age but also underscores the critical role of specialized solutions in ensuring operational efficacy, financial integrity, and regulatory compliance for cryptocurrency transactions.

    The Importance of Web3 Accounting Voices

    Thought leaders and experts in Web3, DeFi, and NFT accounting have never been more critical. They navigate and shape the financial and regulatory future of cryptocurrency management. Their contributions are pivotal in transforming crypto accounting from a niche discipline into a cornerstone of modern financial practices.

    For newcomers, the crypto accounting field is full of uncertainty and hurdles. Here, thought leaders and educators play an invaluable role. Through webinars, podcasts, conferences, and written content, they demystify complex topics. They make new concepts accessible, preparing professionals for digital asset management and regulatory compliance.

    The growth of peer groups and professional meetups dedicated to digital assets accounting is a testament to the power of community. They provide a platform for sharing strategies and updates. This community ensures members stay informed about the fast-moving crypto world.

    Cryptocurrency space is often marred by misconceptions, myths, and the never-ending “death of bitcoin”. Thought leaders counter these by highlighting digital assets’ benefits. They foster a balanced discussion, influencing both business and public opinion. Crypto Accounting Professionals help demystify crypto and promote its integration into mainstream finance.

    Perhaps the most significant impact of crypto accounting thought leaders lies in their ability to influence regulatory standards and best practices. Their recommendations can help ensure that regulations effectively manage risks and support innovation. This dialogue is essential for a safe yet progressive crypto ecosystem.

    Challenges Faced by Crypto Accounting Voices

    Navigating uncertainties is a core part of crypto accountants’ roles. Regulatory slow adaptation challenges the industry, making compliance a moving target.

    The continuous evolution of blockchain technology, often without consideration for accounting needs, demands crypto accounting professionals remain agile, constantly adapting to integrate these innovations into practical accounting solutions. Constant education is needed due to rapid technological changes.

    Amid skepticism and misconceptions, advocating for the institutionalization of digital assets while demonstrating their advantages remains a dual challenge. Crypto accounting professionals must work tirelessly to debunk myths and build trust in the robustness and utility of digital assets over traditional financial systems.

    crypto accounting Thought Leadership
    Web3 Opinion Leaders

    Crypto Accounting Opinion Leaders

    This selection of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) has been curated based on their online activity, consistent reporting on the latest regulatory frameworks, active engagement with the audience, and recognition as references in external surveys. These criteria ensure that these KOLs are knowledgeable and actively contribute to the ongoing discourse and development within the web3 accounting community.

    Missing notable figures? Email suggestions to ariel@cryptoworth.app.  Your input and feedback are invaluable in ensuring that the roster of crypto accounting KOLs remains representative of the digital asset accounting field.


    Jason Schwartz
    Jason Schwartz is a tax partner and co-head of the Digital Assets and Blockchain Practice at Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP. With expertise in crypto taxation, he explores topics like smart contracts, NFTs, and decentralized finance
    Profile photo of Patrick Camuso, CPA
    Patrick Camuso
    Patrick Camuso, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), is the founder and managing member of Camuso CPA. With extensive experience in crypto taxation, he specializes in serving digital asset investors and Web3 businesses. Explore in-depth tax strategies, navigate complex accounting issues with expert guidance, and stay informed with our insightful analysis.
    Profile photo of Dr. Sean Stein Smith DBA, CPA
    Dr. Sean Stein Smith
    Dr. Sean Stein Smith, DBA, CPA, is an award-winning researcher, professor, entrepreneur, and enthusiast for blockchain, crypto assets, and the impact on emerging technologies. He hosts a podcast for the NJCPA and Wall Street Blockchain Alliance, as well as a weekly column on Forbes about Digital Assets.
    Profile photo of Taylor Zork, CPA/MBATaylor ZorkTaylor Zork, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), has been focused on the crypto industry since 2018. He contributes valuable insights to the evolving landscape of crypto tax and accounting. His expertise spans topics like smart contracts, NFTs, and decentralized finance
    Profile photo of Nik Fahrer, CPA
    Nik Fahrer
    Nik Fahrer is the leader of FORVIS’ Digital Asset practice and volunteers his time as a member of the AICPA Digital Asset Tax Task Force. Nik is a frequent contributor of digital asset thought leadership and public speaking opportunities and is a Bloomberg-published author. He also provides sophisticated income tax compliance, consulting, and planning services to multi-state businesses. As a part of the AICPA Digital Asset Tax Task Force, Nik has been instrumental in advocacy efforts towards digital asset tax guidance.

    Andrew Gordon
    Andrew Gordon, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), is an industry-leading cryptocurrency tax expert. As the founder of Gordon Law Group, he specializes in serving digital asset investors and Web3 businesses
    Profile photo of Stacey Ferris
    Stacey Ferris
    Stacey Ferris, CPA, CFE, an Associate Director at HKA, specializes in forensic accounting and expert witness services. With a background in fraud investigation and dispute services, she supports clients, including blockchain startups and law enforcement, in crypto-related matters. She co-authored the NIST study on the economic impact of the Advanced Encryption Standard and contributes to the field through research and teaching
    Profile photo of Derek Wride
    Derek Wride
    Derek Wride, Chief Executive Officer at MoonTax, is a dynamic professional with a multifaceted background. His expertise spans creative direction, film production, and legal representation for Bitcoin miners. Passionate about storytelling, he champions Journey-Telling, connecting brands to consumers through community-focused narratives
    Profile photo of Anthony Tuths
    Anthony Tuths
    Anthony Tuths, CPA, CFE, a Principal in KPMG’s alternative investment unit, boasts over 20 years of experience in tax structuring and advisory. His expertise spans hedge funds, private equity, and venture capital.
    Profile photo of Anna Masker
    Anna Masker
    Anna Masker, CPA, CFE, an entrepreneurial and results-driven business development leader, brings over 15 years of expertise to the table. She founded and organized the Women in Crypto Accounting Community, while navigating the complex world of blockchain, supporting clients across DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, and more
    Profile photo of Michael Nadeau
    Michael Nadeau
    Michael Nadeau, CPA, CISA, CFE, AES, the Founder of The DeFi Report, advises start-ups, asset managers, and investment firms. His educational newsletter covers DeFi and web3 business models, providing frameworks and ongoing analyses.
    Profile photo of Shehan C.
    Shehan C.
    Shehan is one of the handful of CPAs in the country recognized as a subject matter expert on cryptocurrency taxation. He is the Head of Tax Strategy at CoinTracker, a Forbes Crypto Tax Analyst, and a CPE instructor who has won multiple awards: 2020 & 2019 CPA Practice Advisor 40 under 40 accounting professionals,
    Profile photo of Jozef Vogel
    Jozef Vogel
    Jozef Vogel, the COO at ether.fi, is a seasoned finance professional specializing in web3 and fund operations. Leveraging his experience from the Aave Companies, he advises other web3 startups.
    Profile photo of Andrea Perlak
    Andrea Perlak
    Andrea Perlak, CPA, CFE, the Founder & CEO of Crypto Accounting Group, is a leader in the Web3 space with over 25 years of experience. She co-founded PX33, an El Salvador Web3 company, and is actively involved in preparing for its launch.
    Cody Carbone: Embracing Digital Horizons - Steering Washington Towards ...
    Cody Carbone
    Cody Carbone, CPA, CFE, the Chief Policy Officer at the Chamber of Digital Commerce, is a dynamic advocate in the crypto and blockchain space. With a background in public policy and financial services, Cody leads federal government engagement efforts. His passion lies in educating lawmakers on the transformative potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology
    Profile photo of Nicholas Newman ACA
    Nicholas Newman, ACA, Partner and Head of Digital Assets at Harris & Trotter LLP, is a leading accountant in London, England. With a focus on crypto auditing and accounting, Nicholas navigates the intricate world of digital assets
    Profile photo of Mackenzie Patel, CPA
    Mackenzie Patel
    Mackenzie Patel, CPA, the CEO & Founding Partner of Hash Basis, is a trailblazer in DeFi accounting. With expertise in revenue accounting and DAO services, she helps individuals and businesses organize their financial records.

    Home - Cyprus Blockchain TechnologiesAlexis Nicolaou
    Alexis Nicolaou is leading the distributed ledger technology services (DLT) at Grant Thornton (Cyprus) Ltd and he is the managing director of our subsidiary company Grant Thornton Blockchain (Cyprus) Ltd. He is a Fellow Member of the ICAEW, with a BA (Hons) from the University of Nottingham in Industrial Economics and Accountancy and an MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currencies from the University of Nicosia. Alexis has been for over 25 years in C-Suite positions in the accounting, finance, media, content production, and electronic banking sectors.

    Read Alexis’ latest articles in our blog ->
    Profile photo of Zac Hogg, CPA (ON), CPA (NY)
    Zac Hogg
    Zac Hogg, CPA in Ontario and New York serves as the Controller at Solana Foundation. A University of Waterloo alum, he excels in financial management and accounting, highlighted by a 4.0 GPA in key subjects. His career spans impactful roles, embodying leadership, innovation, and a commitment to community improvement
    Profile photo of Erica Lacerenza
    Erica Lacerenza
    Erica Lacerenza, CPA, CFE, Managing Director at Deloitte, is a trailblazer in web3, NFTs, and digital assets management. With over 15 years of experience, she provides innovative solutions to complex financial matters. Erica also leads Deloitte’s efforts in promoting inclusion for women and allies in the Greater Tri-State area
    Profile photo of David Byrd
    David Byrd
    David Byrd, Partner at EY and Blockchain Strategy Leader in Assurance, focuses on digital asset needs for the financial services sector. Leading EY’s Digital Asset Research Center, he and his team support engagements by leveraging blockchain technologies. With a PhD in Philosophy from UC Davis, David combines technical and cognitive expertise to innovate in blockchain strategy, compliance, and valuation, working closely with global regulators and industry groups.
    Alicia A. Manders, Assistant Director Executive Director, Financial ...
    Alicia Manders
    Alicia Manders has dedicated over two decades to shaping the landscape of financial accounting standards, currently serving as the Executive Director of FASAC at the Financial Accounting Foundation. In this role, she is the linchpin for FASB’s stakeholder engagement, overseeing the exchange of critical insights that guide the Board’s decision-making processes. Alicia’s career is marked by her commitment to ensuring that accounting standards reflect the needs and realities of all stakeholders in the financial reporting ecosystem
    Profile photo of Elliott Watts ACA
    Elliot Watts
    Elliot Watts, CFO and Co-founder of R3gen Finance. He is an EY alumni have spent 6 years as a Chartered Accountant specializing in financial management, analytics, and accounting. Full-time web3 since October 2021 as Head of Finance at Index Coop and financial accounting and reporting lead at Llama working on Aave and Gitcoin accounts. As capable at home improvements as he is at building your finance function.
    Profile photo of Samuel Leichman
    Sam Leichman, leading Propeller’s crypto/Web3 practice, transitioned from M&A banking to spearheading financial strategies in blockchain. Co-founder of LivingPlug, his journey from concept to market embodies his belief in finance as a strategic partner. Passionate about innovation, Sam also enjoys exploring the outdoors through sailing and mountain biking.
    Profile photo of Chetan Hans
    Chetan Hans
    Chetan Hans, a Fellow Member of the ACCA, boasts 17 years of expertise in IFRS technical accounting advisory for national and multinational clients. With a global footprint that spans Singapore, India, the UK, and the US, Chetan has a diverse advisory background. His experience extends across various sectors, including technology, crypto, web3, real estate, healthcare, financial services, and pharmaceuticals.

    Read Chetan’s latest articles in our blog ->
    Profile photo of Cori Eschenbach
    Cori Eschenbach
    Cori Eschenbach, with a 16-year tenure in accounting, has dedicated her expertise to multi-client work, focusing on blockchain accounting for the past 3 years. Her work with multiple subledgers in the crypto sector stands out as the pinnacle of her career, blending challenges with excitement across various industries.
    Profile photo of 🟧 Electra Frost
    Electra Frost
    Electra Frost, a futurist accountant and Principal at Electra.Fi firm specializing in blockchain and bitcoin accounting. She co-founded a digital financial literacy charity and plays a pivotal role in Stacks Australia, emphasizing Bitcoin’s potential. As a mentor at The School of Bitcoin, she fosters digital finance education and innovation.
    Profile photo of Umar Mallam Hassam
    Umar Mallam
    Umar Mallam Hassam, a Chartered Accountant and previous External Auditor at Deloitte & BDO, is the creator of The Accountant Quits. By educating accountants about crypto accounting, Umar aims to help accountants upskill themselves for new career opportunities in web3.
    Profile photo of Lourdes C. Miranda, CAMS, CFE, CTFI, FIS
    Lourdes C.
    Lourdes C. Miranda, a seasoned forensic accountant and ex-CIA/FBI, is the CEO of FTAG, specializing in crypto and fraud investigations. Her 25+ years span financial crimes, compliance, and risk management globally. A keynote speaker and published author, she drives advancements in crypto investigations and compliance, educating professionals worldwide.
    Profile photo of Brian Whalen, CPA, M.Tax, M.Fin, CTRS
    Brian Whalen
    Brian Whalen, blending expertise from the nuclear Navy to CPA firm co-founder, specializes in the cryptocurrency and cannabis sectors. His diverse background informs his comprehensive financial services. Authoring key industry guides and educating on tax and accounting, Brian exemplifies leadership in innovative finance, sharing his profound knowledge through teaching and professional affiliations.
    Profile photo of Sharon Yip, CPA, CCE, MBA, MST
    Sharon Yip
    Sharon Yip, a pioneering CPA with over 20 years of experience, revolutionized her career by specializing in crypto taxation. Founding Polygon Advisory Group, she tapped into the booming crypto industry, significantly increasing her income and profile while enjoying her work. Now, Sharon dedicates herself to educating other tax professionals in navigating the intricate world of crypto taxes through comprehensive courses and coaching, leveraging her extensive tax knowledge and crypto expertise to prepare firms for the evolving digital finance landscape.
    Profile photo of Kristin Stroud
    Kristin Stroud
    Kristin Stroud is a licensed tax attorney and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with extensive experience in the field. She specializes in tax law, providing legal advice and representation related to taxation matters. Her expertise includes practical tax-focused cryptocurrency compliance, consulting, analysis, and content. Kristin is actively involved in the blockchain and digital asset ecosystem, offering tax-related guidance and consulting services. She holds memberships in professional organizations such as AICPA.
    Profile photo of Jamie Nuttall
    Jamie Nuttall
    Jamie Nuttall is a seasoned professional in the personal tax industry, with nearly a decade of experience. Jamie heads up the tax department for Myna, a crypto accountancy firm in the UK. Jamie specializes in crypto tax matters, providing guidance and insights. With a background in accounting and a passion for all things crypto, Jamie contributes actively to the evolving landscape of digital assets. He is a fellow member of the ACCA and has appeared at several conferences detailing the intricacies of taxation within crypto assets, including NFTs, nodes, and liquidity pools.
    Profile photo of Thomas Maas
    Thomas Maas
    Thomas Maas is a Crypto & Tax Consultant based in Lisbon, Portugal. With 7 years of experience in fiscal and financial consulting under Portuguese law, he specializes in crypto income taxes, immigration processes, and other related services. Thomas is also an active content creator, offering insights on cryptocurrencies and blockchain through his Twitter and YouTube channel
    Profile photo of PJ Theisen
    PJ Theisen
    PJ Theisen, a distinguished Partner at Deloitte, plays a key role in the firm’s Accounting and Reporting Services Group. With a focus on technical accounting issues, PJ also boasts specialization in the emergent sector of digital asset transactions under US GAAP and IFRS. Serving in both advisory and audit roles, his expertise extends to companies within the blockchain, technology, and life sciences industries. PJ’s rich background includes a two-year stint as a Professional Accounting Fellow in the Office of the Chief Accountant at the SEC, highlighting his deep regulatory and accounting knowledge.
    Profile photo of April Walker, CPA, CGMA
    April (Dollar) Walker
    April Walker, CPA, CGMA, leads Taxation at the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants, focusing on developing resources like the Compliance Tool Kit. Her career spans significant roles in taxation, demonstrating her commitment to aiding peers. April’s work is driven by her passion for evolving the tax practitioner’s role.
    Profile photo of Chris Gaetano
    Chris Gaetano
    Chris Gaetano, serving as the Technology Editor for Accounting Today, has over a decade of experience in journalism, primarily focusing on the accounting profession. His work encompasses a wide range of topics, including practice management, digital transformation, and regulatory changes, reflecting his in-depth understanding of the field’s dynamics.
    Profile photo of Matthew Foreman
    Matthew Foreman
    Matthew Foreman, a distinguished Tax Attorney and New York Metro SuperLawyer at Falcon Rappaport & Berkman LLP provides expert tax advice on corporate transactions, mergers, and acquisitions. He specializes in creating tax-efficient structures for international expansion and investments, drafting comprehensive tax memoranda, and defending clients in IRS and state tax audits. With expertise in cryptocurrency tax issues and SALT matters, particularly New York State residency audits, Matthew is a pivotal resource for businesses navigating complex tax landscapes.
    Profile photo of Cameron Browne, CPA, CA
    Cameron Browne
    Cameron Browne, Partner at Darien Advisors and founder of Browne Tax & Advisory SPC, leverages his CPA expertise across public accounting, startups, fintech, and more, specializing in cryptocurrency accounting, taxes, and compliance since 2016. Attracted to blockchain’s potential in 2015 for its efficiency and transparency, Cameron is committed to promoting financial inclusion and the democratization of capital through Web3, DeFi, and blockchain technologies.
    Profile photo of Joe David
    Joe David
    Joe David is the trailblazing founder of Nephos Group and Myna, revolutionizing accounting by merging it with cryptocurrency. Embracing digital innovation, Joe empowers entrepreneurs to navigate the crypto space with confidence, offering comprehensive financial services.
    Profile photo of Jamison Sites
    Jamison Sites
    Jamison Sites is a distinguished Principal at PwC, specializing in tax and regulatory matters for the blockchain and digital asset industry. With over a decade of experience, he provides expert guidance, leads strategic initiatives, and advises clients on complex financial and tax issues, contributing significantly to the sector’s advancement and compliance standards.
    Web3 Accounting Opinion Leaders Table

    crypto accounting conference

    Major Events and Conferences in Web3 Accounting and Digital Assets Finance.

    Participation in events and conferences is vital for education and networking. We spotlight thirteen key conferences that unite industry leaders, practitioners, and enthusiasts. They share insights and promote crypto accounting’s growth.

    Digital Accountancy Show (https://digitalaccountancy.com)

    • Next Date: 16th & 17th April 2024
    • Location: London, UK

    This progressive event unites accountants, bookkeepers, and finance professionals worldwide, attracting over 3,500 attendees. Through educational talks and networking opportunities, participants delve into the latest technologies and trends shaping the global accountancy landscape.

    Digital Assets Summit (https://blockworks.co/event/digital-asset-summit-2024-london )

    • Past Date: March 18-20, 2024
    • Location: London, UK

    As a premier institutional conference, the Digital Assets Summit brings together asset managers and financial services professionals to discuss the latest developments and challenges in the cryptocurrency sphere, fostering dialogue among industry leaders and policymakers.

    QuickBooks Connect (https://quickbooksconnect.com/)

    • Next Date: To be announced
    • Location: To be announced

    A global event series that facilitates collaboration among accounting professionals, QuickBooks platform partners, and the surrounding ecosystem, fostering inspiration and relationship-building within the community.

    Mainnet (https://events.messari.io/mainnet2024/home )

    • Next Date: September 30 to October 2, 2024
    • Location: New York City

    Hosted by Messari, Mainnet 2024 is an immersive summit for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, convening over 3,000 attendees, 300 projects, and 200 speakers to set the agenda for the future of the sector.

    SuiteWorld (https://www.netsuitesuiteworld.com /)

    • Next Date: September 9 to 12, 2024
    • Location: Las Vegas and Streaming

    SuiteWorld 2024, hosted by Oracle NetSuite, serves as the largest annual gathering of the NetSuite community, offering educational sessions and networking opportunities to stay informed about the latest developments in the realm of NetSuite.

    Xerocon (https://www.xero.com/us/events/xerocon/london /)

    • Date: 12-13 June 2024
    • Location: London, UK

    Xerocon London is a cornerstone conference for accounting and bookkeeping leaders, providing a platform for innovation, insights, and community connections among professionals from various regions.

    TOKEN2049 (https://www.asia.token2049.com/)

    • Next Date: 18-19 September 2024
    • Location: Singapore

    Serving as the premier crypto event in Asia, TOKEN2049 facilitates vital gatherings for founders and executives of leading Web3 companies and projects, shaping the global economy through the exploration of crypto assets and blockchain-based tokens.

    Sage Transform 2024 (https://events.sage.com/profile/web/index.cfm?PKwebID=0x11819abcd)

    • Past Date: February 26-29, 2024
    • Location: Las Vegas, USA

    A 3-day, in-person event exclusively designed for the global partner community, Sage Transform 2024 offers insights into Sage’s channel strategy and opportunities for expansion and growth, featuring keynote speakers, workshops, and networking sessions.

    AICPA Engage 2024 (https://www.aicpa-cimaengage.com/)

    • Next Date: June 3—6, 2024
    • Location Las Vegas, USA

    AICPA & CIMA ENGAGE 24 serves as the premier event of the year for the accounting and finance industry, delivering next-level learning, networking, and career development through curated tracks, practical training, and revelatory presentations.

    AFP 2024 (https://conference.afponline.org/)

    • Next Date: 20-23 October 2024
    • Location Nashville, USA

    The AFP Annual Conference is a premier event for treasury and finance professionals, offering valuable knowledge, connections, and inspiration through impactful conversations, educational sessions, and insights from keynote speakers.

    Digital CPA (https://www.cpa.com/digital-cpa)

    • Next Date: December 8-11, 2024
    • Location Denver, USA

    As a nexus of innovation in the accounting profession, Digital CPA equips professionals for the future through groundbreaking sessions, unparalleled networking opportunities, and the latest in accounting technology, hosted in Denver, CO.

    BKX (https://bkx.com)

    • Next Date:  June 25 to 27, 2024
    • Location Orlando, FL

    BKX is the exclusive conference for bookkeeping professionals, offering sessions on “The Future of Bookkeeping” and facilitating connections and best practice sharing among peers.

    CTAC – Crypto Tax & Accounting Conference (https://ctac.live/)

    • Past Date:  19-23 February 2024
    • Location: Virtual

    Hosted by CryptoCFOs, CTAC is the premier virtual event for tax and accounting professionals in the dynamic world of digital assets, featuring over 30 hours of expert insights, exclusive CPE opportunities, and a global community spanning 34 countries.

    Money 20/20 (https://www.money2020.com )

    • Asia (23-25 April 2024, Bangkok)
    • Europe (4-6 June 2024, Amsterdam)
    • USA (27-30 October 2024, Las Vegas)

    Money20/20 is the world’s leading platform for the global money ecosystem. It brings together payments, fintech, and financial services, fostering innovation and collaboration. From in-depth analytics to inspirational speakers, Money20/20 empowers its attendees to stay ahead, shaping the future of money.

    These conferences provide platforms for education and networking playing a crucial role in shaping the future of crypto accounting practices. They foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and advancements in the field. By participating in these events, crypto accounting professionals can stay ahead of the curve.

    crypto accounting newsletters, podcast, events and courses

    Educational Resources

    > Newsletters: 

    Digital Asset Digest
    The Digital Asset Digest is a comprehensive source for mastering cryptocurrency taxation and accounting. It offers cutting-edge insights into crypto financial management, including compliance, tax minimization strategies, and the latest IRS regulations, tailored for Web3 CFOs and crypto CPAs.

    Subscribe on their Website

    Accounting Today
    Accounting Today stands as the essential read for public accountants, providing in-depth coverage on tax law, accounting standards, technology, and wealth management. It delivers actionable insights for optimizing practice and enhancing client relationships in the digital age, including a focus on cryptocurrency.

    Subscribe on their Website

    Chain Reactions
    Chain Reactions serves as a central hub for digital assets investors and tax professionals seeking concise, curated insights into the world of cryptocurrency taxes. This newsletter covers web3 dive-ins, crypto tax implications, regulatory updates, and educational content for the crypto accounting community.

    Subscribe on their Website

    Think Outside the Tax Box
    Think Outside the Tax Box is a bi-weekly newsletter around tax reduction strategies for financial advisors, tax professionals, and business owners. It simplifies complex tax-saving tactics and provides downloadable resources to maximize savings legally and effectively.

    Subscribe on their website 

    > Podcasts:

    The Accountant Quits
    Tune into 60+ episodes where Umar explores the impact of blockchain in accounting. Through a discussion with thought leaders on the accounting for digital assets and pioneers building new tools for crypto accounting, the podcast helps accountants prepare for the future of work. Past companies include Cryptoworth, BDO, RSM, Consensys, Figment, and more.

    Listen from any Podcast app or visit their website

    From Niche to Necessity
    Hosted by Taylor Zork, and presented by CryptoCFOs, this podcast offers expert insights into tax and accounting for Web3 and digital assets, featuring interviews with finance professionals and Web3 CEOs.

    Listen from any Podcast app or visit their website

    Hosted by Nephos Group, Nephology is redefining financial thinking, and breaking down cryptocurrency and digital finance into understandable segments. Tune in for insights on finance’s future, client stories, and expert opinions, making it a crucial resource for staying ahead in finance.

    Listen from Spotify or any Podcast App.

    HackHERZ embodies the essence of Web3, spotlighting the female change-makers in the field. Amber Welch hosts enlightening conversations with pioneering women in Web3, offering insights into the basics and beyond, making it accessible to all listeners.

    Listen from any Podcast app or visit their website

    The Financial Frontier
    The Financial Frontier, led by Patrick Camuso, CPA, offers a merger of cryptocurrency, taxes, and accounting wisdom. With a focus on digital assets, it’s a treasure trove of experiences and insights from a firm serving the blockchain sector since 2016.

    Listen from any Podcast app or visit their website

    Tax Odyssey
    The Tax Odyssey podcast, brought to you by the AICPA Tax Section, delivers key insights from tax thought leaders, covering tax developments, trending issues, and practice management tips, essential for elevating professional development and firm practices in a changing tax landscape.

    Listen from any Podcast app or visit their website

    > Courses: 

    The Accountant Quits
    The Accountant Quits offers the pioneering ‘Crypto Accounting Academy,’ a comprehensive course and certification aimed at equipping CFOs, Financial Controllers, and Accountants with practical skills for managing crypto operations and transactions on the blockchain through 7 in-depth modules.

    Learn more on the website, LinkedIn, Twitter, or sent an email to umar@theaccountantquits.com

    Crypto CFOs
    Beyond being a premier community, CryptoCFOs extends into education, offering NASBA-approved CPE courses, on-demand video tutorials, and live expert discussions. It’s dedicated to unraveling the complexities of crypto taxation and accounting, enriching finance professionals with crucial insights and resources for navigating the digital asset landscape.

    Learn more on the Website

    Chainwise Crypto Tax Academy
    Chainwise is an educational platform dedicated to equipping tax professionals with in-depth knowledge and skills in cryptocurrency taxation. Their services include comprehensive online courses, expert-led training sessions, and a variety of resources tailored to enhance understanding and proficiency in crypto tax laws and practices. Their focus is on practical application and current regulations, They empower professionals to stay ahead in the evolving world of crypto taxation, ensuring they provide the best service to their clients in this dynamic field.

    Learn more on the Website

    > Communities of Accounting Professionals: 

    Web3 CFO Club
    The Web3CFO Club is a prestigious network of over 700 CFOs from leading web3 organizations like Aave, Sandbox, Binance, and more, focused on sharing best practices in web3 financial operations. Powered by Request Finance, it’s a hub for expanding professional networks and mastering web3 finance.  

    Join the group on their website, x/twitter or Linkedin.

    Women in Crypto Accounting
    The Women in Crypto Accounting is a group where women (and women allies) working in and around the blockchain space can make connections, ask questions, find jobs, and learn.  Our members are in the accounting, tax, legal, software, or advisory side of Web3. In our monthly meetings, our topics range from the latest accounting and legal developments to best practices in hiring, to user experiences with crypto software tools.

    Join the group on Meetup or LinkedIn

    Crypto CFOs
    CryptoCFOs is the go-to community for Web3 finance professionals, providing a deep dive into crypto taxation and accounting complexities. Through NASBA-approved courses, tutorials, and a vast resource library, it offers invaluable insights and networking opportunities for accountants, CFOs, auditors, and more.  

    Join the group on the website

    Expanding the Reach and Impact

    To amplify the influence of crypto accounting professional voices, a few strategies should work in sync:

    • Strategic collaboration among KOLs, 
    • Leveraging the vast reach of social media, 
    • Active participation in non-crypto-centric events is vital. 

    These strategies not only enhance visibility but also facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices within the community. The role of community support, education, and advocacy cannot be overstated in addressing misconceptions and advocating for the significance of web3 accounting. 

    This collective effort is crucial in shaping a future where crypto accounting is recognized as an integral part of the financial landscape, ensuring its growth and sustainability.

    The full list of Crypto Accounting Voices to Follow (Updated April 2024)

    Jason SchwartzActive KOL
    Patrick CamusoActive KOL
    Dr. Sean Stein SmithActive KOL
    Taylor ZorkActive KOL
    Nik FahrerActive KOL
    Andrew GordonActive KOL
    Stacey FerrisActive KOL
    Derek WrideActive KOL
    Anthony TuthsActive KOL
    Anna MaskerActive KOL
    Michael NadeauActive KOL
    Shehan C.Active KOL
    Jozef VogelActive KOL
    Andrea PerlakActive KOL
    Cody CarboneActive KOL
    Nicholas NewmannActive KOL
    Mackenzie PatelActive KOL
    Alexis NicolaouActive KOL
    Zac HoggActive KOL
    Erica LacerenzaActive KOL
    David ByrdActive KOL
    Alicia MandersActive KOL
    Elliot WattsActive KOL
    Samuel LeichmanActive KOL
    Chetan HansActive KOL
    Cori EschenbachActive KOL
    Electra FrostActive KOL
    Umar Mallam HassamActive KOL
    Lourdes C. Miranda,Active KOL
    Brian WhalenActive KOL
    Sharon Yip, CPA,Active KOL
    Kristin StroudActive KOL
    Jamie NuttallActive KOL
    Thomas MaasActive KOL
    PJ TheisenActive KOL
    April (Dollar) WalkerActive KOL
    Chris GaetanoActive KOL
    Matthew ForemanActive KOL
    Cameron BrowneActive KOL
    Joe DavidActive KOL
    Jamison SitesActive KOL
    Web3 CFO ClubCommunities
    Crypto CFOsCommunities
    Women in Crypto AccountingCommunities
    The Accountant QuitsEducation
    Crypto CFOsEducation
    Digital Accountancy ShowEvents
    Digital Assets SummitEvents
    Quickbooks ConnectEvents
    Token 2049 SingaporeEvents
    Sage Transform 2024Events
    AICPA Engage 2024Events
    AFP 2024Events
    Digital CPAEvents
    CTAC – Crypto Tax & Accounting ConferenceEvents
    Digital Asset DigestNewsletters
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    Think Outside the Tax BoxNewsletters
    The Accountant QuitsPodcasts
    From Niche to NecessityPodcasts
    The Financial FrontierPodcasts
    Tax OdisseyPodcasts


    The voices leading the discourse in crypto accounting are more than just educators and influencers; they are the architects of the field’s future. Their efforts in onboarding and educating new professionals, fostering community engagement, advocating for a balanced narrative, and shaping regulatory practices are indispensable. As crypto matures, their role becomes increasingly important, driving digital asset practices and ensuring innovation, security, and compliance.

    As we look forward, it is paramount for the broader community to engage with these influencers, participate in events, and leverage the resources they provide. By diving deeper into the insights shared by these thought leaders, attending conferences, listening to podcasts, and subscribing to newsletters, accounting professionals can enrich their understanding and enhance their capability to navigate the complexities of digital assets.

    Engage, Learn, and Contribute

    • Engage with active voices:

    Connecting with key opinion leaders in crypto accounting can provide invaluable insights and perspectives that enrich one’s understanding of the field.

    • Participate in Events: 

    Attendance at conferences and meetups offers not only the opportunity to learn from the experts but also to engage with a community of like-minded professionals.

    • Leverage Resources: 

    Utilizing the wealth of information available through podcasts, newsletters, and publications is essential for staying updated on the latest trends, regulatory changes, and technological advancements.

    The road ahead for digital assets accounting is one of collaboration, innovation, and continuous learning. By actively engaging with the voices leading this field, individuals and businesses alike can contribute to a future where digital assets are seamlessly integrated into the global financial landscape.

    Let us all commit to playing an active role in this exciting journey, fostering the growth and success of the web3 accounting space.

    Follow the trailblazers, subscribe to insightful newsletters, mark your calendars for upcoming events, listen to podcasts, enroll in courses, and join networks focused on digital assets.

    Invitation to Collaboration: While we strive to curate a comprehensive list of influencers, and resources, the dynamic nature of the space means there’s always room for discovery and inclusion of emerging voices. Let us know who we should include. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. 

    Together, let’s foster the growth of the crypto accounting landscape, ensuring its robustness, security, and compliance within the global financial ecosystem.

    Talk to a Crypto Accounting Expert

    Cryptoworth provides partners a growth opportunity for accounting firms, CPAs, and technology consultants. Let’s get in touch.

      Ariel Eiberman

      Ariel Eiberman is the marketing lead at Cryptoworth, a leading crypto accounting software that helps web3 accountants speed up month-end closing. He has more than 6 years of experience in product marketing for software companies and a background of organizing olympic games and polyglot meetups in multiple cities.

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