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A Quick Recap on March 2024 News and Updates

With new features unfolding, our March edition is brimming with updates and insights designed to keep you at the cutting edge of the crypto accounting sphere.

Cryptoworth Newsletter | March 2024

The crypto market continues soaring while Bitcoin reached its ATH of $ 73.737,94, the anticipation of the halving within the web3 community is tangible.

Dive into some of the highlights below, including a closer look at our newly launched AI assistant, and new data connections which solidify our position as leaders in comprehensive crypto data connectivity.

During March, our efforts to broaden our data source connections have reached new heights, ensuring you have the most expansive and accurate crypto data at your fingertips. Read on for a comprehensive look at what we’ve been up to and what’s on the horizon for Cryptoworth.

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Here is a short list of updates.

Product Updates:

Infrastructure Optimization: 

The product development team has diligently focused on enhancing the speed and reliability of our infrastructure. This initiative is critical as we expand our client base, ensuring that our services remain robust and responsive.

Cryptoworth’s AI Assistant: 

We are proud to introduce ChatGPT for Crypto Accounting, our AI-powered conversational agent, developed in-house to support our users more effectively. ChatGPT is trained on a vast corpus of text data, including Cryptoworth’s help center and extensive online resources, making it a sophisticated tool for understanding and engaging in conversations about crypto accounting software usage. Learn more in our help center.

Expansion of Data Source Connections: 

Our data connections boasts with over 300 blockchains, exchanges, custodians, and more. The most extensive list available in crypto accounting software. This expansion enhances our capability to provide comprehensive and accurate financial insights, reflecting our dedication to supporting the evolving needs of our users.

We’ve added the following during March 2023

  • Circle
  • One Alpha
  • Dymension  
  • ZkSync Era  
  • Frax
  • Polkadot Parachains
    • Spiritnet
    • Hydra DX
    • Continuum
    • Integritee
    • Crab
    • Calamari
    • Joy Stream
    • Robonomics
    • Mangata X
    • Krest
    • Picasso
    • Deepbrain Chain
    • Vara

CASE STUDY: How BPB used month-end closing features to onboard web3 clients.

The case study on Berkowitz Pollack Brant Advisors + CPAs illustrates the transformative impact of Cryptoworth’s month-end closing features.

By automating the consolidation of transactions, BPB has significantly improved the efficiency and accuracy of their crypto accounting processes, enabling them to scale their services for web3 clients.

The full case study can be accessed here.

WEBINAR: Crypto Payroll and Accounting Best Practices

The past webinar provided an interesting conversation into the intricacies of managing payroll and accounting within the crypto-native space. 

Hugo Finkelstein from Rise, and Taylor Zork from CryptoCFOs, joined Richard Pasquin to unravel the complexities of tax compliance, the benefits of hybrid payments infrastructure, and the nuanced requirements of treasury management tailored for crypto payroll. 

This session offered a comprehensive roadmap for CFOs and financial professionals recording and accounting for crypto transactions, security, and international workforce management.

Watch the highlights and short clips here

WEBINAR: From Guesswork to Certainty: How to Reconcile Your Crypto Holdings

The Financial Frontier, hosted by Patrick Camuso, invited our director Richard Pasquin, to focus on a crucial yet often overlooked step in web3 accounting due diligence. 

“From Guesswork to Certainty: How to Reconcile Your Crypto Holdings,” 

The dialogue centered around verifying calculated ending holdings against actual holdings, showcasing Cryptoworth’s features designed to streamline this verification process. This engaging session was filled with industry insights, case study examples, and expert advice, illuminating the path toward more accurate and reliable crypto accounting practices.

Watch the full conversation here

Celebrating Our Customers

During this month, Cryptoworth was honored to shine a spotlight on some of our distinguished customers who are making waves in the web3 finance landscape.

  • Chet Cotter, the Director of Managed Solutions and Technology at Berkowitz Pollack Brant Advisors + CPAs,
  • Adam Zientarski, CEO at Detroit Ledger Technologies,
  • Elliot Watts, Head of Finance at r3gen finance.
  • Hank Wei, Finance & Operations at IVC Ventures.

Their innovative leadership and successes are a source of inspiration to us all.

Join us in acknowledging the achievements of Chet, Adam, Elliot, Hank, and their teams in each of the links above.

Upcoming IRL events

Next week our team will be embarking on our participation during Paris Blockchain Week as Official Sponsors (April 9th to 11th). We’re very excited to meet all of you in the area. We’ll be setting up booth #1, right at the entrance. We will also be joined by Umar from The Accountant Quits who will be recording live from our spot some very interesting finance leaders. Come and say hi! 

Our team will also jump to London the week after to attend the Digital Accountancy Show from April 15th to 17th. DM us your availability so we can add a meeting spot.

Wrap Up 

The past month has been focused on building a more reliable crypto accounting solution while helping users learn more about how to take full advantage of its capabilities. As we look forward to April, we remain dedicated to enhancing our offerings, sharing insights, and fostering meaningful connections within the crypto accounting space. We thank you for your continued support and invite you to join us to continue streamlining crypto accounting.

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