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Take a look at the Latest May 2024 Newsletter

With critical advancements and thought leadership articles, our May edition is filled with substantial updates and insights, keeping you at the forefront of the crypto accounting landscape

Cryptoworth Newsletter | May 2024

The 4th Bitcoin halving has passed, marking a significant milestone for the whole blockchain ecosystem. This event primarily entails a reduction in mining rewards but also ushers in a new bull market sentiment, driving developments and innovations. Our May edition is packed with updates and insights to keep you abreast of the crypto accounting sphere.

This newsletter is your gateway to understanding how these advancements directly impact your crypto accounting practices.

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Here is a short list of updates.

Product Updates:

the largest blockchain connections for web3 accounting data

Expansion of Data Source Connections: You can now view our data connections at Cryptoworth Integrations. We proudly support over 300 blockchains, exchanges, custodians, and others, making it the most extensive list available in crypto accounting software. This update enhances our ability to deliver comprehensive and accurate financial insights, demonstrating our commitment to meeting the dynamic needs of our users.

Can’t find the data you are looking for? We can include it in 10 days or less. Contact us.

Pennylane, accounting system for french business is fully supported in Cryptoworth.

Integration with Pennylane: Cryptoworth’s integration with Pennylane, an all-in-one financial management platform, empowers crypto accounting firms in France to seamlessly integrate crypto accounting for their Web3 clients into their general ledger, ensuring complete and reliable crypto data in their financial reports.

Cryptoworth is a top performer again: We’ve been awarded with new customer satisfaction badges in Spring 2024 on G2.com, showcasing how our leading crypto accounting solution is helping web3 accounting firms and accounting professionals. Read the announcement here.

crypto accounting Thought Leadership

Web3 Leaders of Crypto Accounting To Follow

Thought leaders and experts in Web3 accounting have never been more critical. Explore this guide as it unveils the pioneers, and communities driving change in the digital finance landscape.

Discover the top voices, conferences, newsletters, podcasts, and courses elevating crypto accountants and web3 CFOs.

CASE STUDY: How R3gen Ensures Compliant FinOps for Arbitrum and TreasureDAO leveraging Cryptoworth

This case study details how the r3gen team is enhancing financial services within the blockchain space through a close-knit strategic partnership with their clients. It demonstrates how they are leveraging Cryptoworth software to streamline financial operations for Web3 projects, supporting sustainable growth in the crypto space.

The full case study can be accessed here.

Understanding the IRS Form 1099-DA Draft: The Internal Revenue Service has released the first draft of Form 1099-DA, Digital Asset Proceeds From Broker Transactions. We collaborated with Patrick Camuso, and Kristin Stroud to dissect key elements and explore the broader implications for businesses and taxpayers. Explore the in-depth analysis here.

Accounting for Staking Rewards: An insightful look at staking operations under IFRS by Chetan Hans, partner at Grant Thornton Singapore. Explore the in-depth analysis here.

Payroll in Digital Assets: In “What are the tax considerations under IRS?” Sharon Yip from Chainwise Crypto Tax Academy outlines key considerations for both employers and employees regarding payroll in cryptocurrencies. Explore the in-depth analysis here.

What is Stablecoin Accounting?: In “11 Key Considerations to Evaluate Stablecoins,” Alexis Nicolaou, Partner at Grant Thornton Cyprus, addresses critical questions from accounting and tax professionals about stablecoins. Explore the in-depth analysis here.

Upcoming IRL Events

At the end of May, our team will head to Austin, TX, to participate in Consensus 2024 as Official Sponsors (May 29-31). We are excited to meet you there! We’ll be at booth #909, in front of the GEN C stage, on the right side of the entrance. Come and say hi! We are also participating in major side events.
DM us your availability so we can schedule a meeting spot.


The past month has been pivotal, marked by the release of key articles such as the “Top 60 Web3 Accounting Leaders”, spotlighting industry experts like Patrick Camuso, Kristin Stroud, Alexis Nicolaou, and Chetan Hans. As we move into May, we are committed to expanding our offerings, deepening our insights, and nurturing valuable connections within the crypto accounting community. Stay tuned for a soon-to-be-released feature to close month-end faster.

We appreciate your ongoing support and invite you to join us in advancing the field of crypto accounting. For any inquiries or to stay updated, feel free to reach out to our team.

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