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Accountants in Blockchain, what is new and what is not.

Blockchain technology is reshaping the accounting landscape, offering enhanced security, transparency, and efficiency. Accountants must embrace this technology and utilize specialized tools like crypto sub-ledgers to stay ahead. By adopting blockchain accounting software, businesses can ensure accurate financial tracking and reporting, positioning themselves for future success.

The Crypto Crisis in Accounting 

Explore the pressing issues facing the accounting profession, especially when dealing with crypto clients. Gain insights from Sharon Yip, CPA, co-founder and CEO of Chainwise Academy, as she discusses challenges and solutions for accountants in the crypto space.
Sync all the crypto data to any ledger in a heartbeat

Look back into February 2024 News and Updates

Join us as we dive into the vibrant evolution of the crypto back-office space, celebrating significant milestones and innovations. This month, we spotlight the expansion of Crypto Accounting Solutions, honor the latest cohort of certified Crypto Accounting Experts, and invite you to engage with us at upcoming in-person events.