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A New Partnership for MELD Blockchain’s Strong Financial Back-Office.

Cryptoworth partners with MELD, post successful financial audit, fortifying our position in crypto back-office, offering streamlined financial management solutions.

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with Meld, a leading is a Layer 1 blockchain and DeFi protocol for web3 finance. This collaboration lands at a time of a milestone achieved by their team. They have just completed a successful financial audit conducted by Cypress, a renowned and trusted name in the industry. This ensures the transparency, accuracy, and reliability of our crypto back-office solution.

The realm of digital assets is one of intricate complexity. Managing and accounting for digital assets on the blockchain demands precision and transparency. A crucial aspect of this journey is the ability to flawlessly undergo a rigorous financial audit. This achievement is a testament to joint effort and expertise of MELD and Cryptoworth team.

MELD partners with Cryptoworth

The Audit Completion Badge: A Symbol of Trust and Credibility

Successfully completing a financial audit is a major milestone. It serves as an unequivocal symbol of trust and credibility in the world of web3 projects. The MELD team recognizes the importance of maintaining the highest standards, and this partnership has fortified our position as a reliable and robust player in the crypto back-office landscape.

We would advise any crypto business that is struggling to get their crypto accounting in order to use Cryptoworth. It will certainly address the multitude of issues arising when executing accurate crypto accounting and cash flow.

Gennaro Oliviero, Head of Finance at MELD

Cryptoworth’s cutting-edge software has been instrumental in simplifying the audit process. The capabilities in synchronizing data from blockchains, exchanges, and custody providers delivering insightful financial reports have played a pivotal role in our success. Meld leadership can’t underestimate the ability of translating all on chain data into financial manageable data

To delve deeper into how Cryptoworth’s solution facilitated this successful financial audit, check out our detailed case study here.

A Bright Future Ahead

This partnership with Cryptoworth strengthens the financial back-office of the MELD ecosystem. Whether you’re a project or a company operating within the MELD network. Whether utilizing the $MELD token, or venturing into the web3 space, Cryptoworth offers a streamlined approach to financial management.

We remain committed to providing the tools and services necessary to navigate the ever-evolving digital financial landscape. Together, we look forward to a future where financial empowerment is within reach for everyone.

Explore a testimonial interview with Meld’s team. Gennaro Oliviero, Head of Finance and Dilan Ropero, Senior Accountant, highlighted the dedication and expertise that led to this milestone. Check out the interview here.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we continue to build a stronger, more inclusive financial future. 

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MELD (https://www.meld.com/) is a non-custodial DeFi protocol for web3 finance. It enables users to have full control of their assets without intermediaries. It offers cross-chain lending, borrowing, staking, and integrated fiat banking services on the MELD blockchain. MELD supports six leading blockchains, allowing seamless asset transfer, and integrates bridging into the MELDapp. Overall, MELD is a comprehensive DeFi protocol that empowers users to take control of their finances through a single platform. It is positioned to become a leading player in the DeFi space with its cross-chain capabilities and integrated fiat banking services.

Cryptoworth (https://cryptoworth.com/) is a leading provider of crypto accounting software. It simplifies the financial management of digital assets for bookkeepers, CPAs, CAs, and CFOs. Cryptoworth synchronizes data from blockchains, exchanges, custody providers, thus offering in-depth insights, financial reports, and seamless digital asset management. Its two-way syncing capabilities empower most popular accounting systems and ERPs, simplifying crypto management across exchanges, wallets, and smart contracts. By streamlining month-ends, Cryptoworth’s comprehensive data sync, insightful reporting, and effortless management make it an essential tool for navigating the complexities of the digital financial landscape.

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    Cryptoworth, a leading crypto accounting software that helps web3 accountants speed up month-end closing.

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