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Unwrap Now Cryptoworth’s December 2023 Update.

Dive into the winter 2024 accounting software awards, learn how MELD passed its first year audit, and get tax-related suggestions to navigate digital assets management like other industry experts.

Cryptoworth Newsletter | December 2023

2023 is winding up and we’d like to wish you a happy new year in advance.

Let’s dive in together into the latest updates and key insights from the world of crypto accounting and finance.

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December 2023 was clearly a month for heading down and do some proper customer support and upgrades. Here it is a short of achievements.


Cryptoworth recognized as #1 in support and a high performer for Crypto Accounting Softwares

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Cryptoworth has recently been recognized by G2 for Best Customer Support and High Performance, solidifying our position as a leader in the evolving Crypto Accounting Back Office landscape

→ Read more about our G2 awards and the emergence of a new Crypto Accounting subcategory here.

How MELD Streamlined Crypto Accounting for Accurate Web3 Audits with Cryptoworth

Explore the power of automated crypto accounting with MELD’s success story—a journey which helps their finance team pass the first year financial audit.

 We would advise any crypto business that is struggling to get their crypto accounting in order to use Cryptoworth. It will certainly address the multitude of issues arising when executing accurate crypto accounting and cash flow.

– Gennaro Oliviero, Head of Finance at MELD

Discover the challenges faced by MELD Blockchain in preparing for a third-party audit and how Cryptoworth’s innovative solutions led to remarkable automation, accurate financial data, and seamless audits.

→ Dive deeper into MELD’s transformative journey with Cryptoworth. Read the full case study here.

Latest Webinar

Patrick Camuso, CPA on the webinar "Understanding IRS on Crypto Taxes for Companies"

“Understanding IRS on Crypto Taxes for Companies”

When is it better to incorporate a crypto company in the US and when abroad? What are the best and worst practices when receiving a 1099? How to track cost basis for protocol tokens generated in genesis? What’s the best practice when syncing these to the general ledger?

Jump in and watch the livestream recording of our Q&A Session with Patrick Camuso, CPA. Hosted by the Crypto Finance Hub for Web3 Accountants.

→ Watch the short highlights or full episode in this playlist.

Customer Spotlight: Troy, Shakti, Judah, Joe, Jean-Baptiste

Celebrating Our Customers

During this month, Cryptoworth was honored to shine a spotlight on some of our distinguished customers who are making waves in the web3 finance landscape.

Troy Iwanyshyn, CPA, Crypto Finance Manager at Horizon Blockchain Games.

Joe Murley, ACA – Financial Controller at Avara / Aave

Judah Kosky – Executive Partner at Fireside CFO & Bookkeeping, LLC

Shakti Pradhan, MBA – Financial Operations Consultant at Stacks Foundation

Jean Baptiste Chenut – CFO at Request Finance

→ Join us in acknowledging their achievements, and their teams as they steer their companies toward success in the crypto accounting back-office landscape over the past year.

Product News & Updates:

Quickbooks Location/Department tracking

You can track entries by location/department in your Quickbooks main ledger

→ Learn here how to use Connection Level Mapping for QuickBooks and other tricks of accounting gateways.

Filtering for data merged transactions

Speed up your search for transaction data which was merged.

→ Learn more about easily find specific transactions and setting rules to automate account recognition.

list of 145 blockchain networks, 800+ DeFi protocols, 75 centralized exchanges supported by Cryptoworth

The Most Comprehensive Integrations

We provide the largest and most comprehensive support for the ever-expanding list of blockchain networks, exchanges, and data sources. We’ve continued expanding this last month, reaching an impressive list of 145 blockchain networks, 800+ DeFi protocols, 75 centralized exchanges, making us your one-stop destination for all your blockchain needs.

  • Coinsquare exchange support.
  • Sei Network support
  • Kava EVM support

Wrap Up 

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our customers, partners and all the other companies who have contributed to this issue. Your support is integral to the success of our newsletter.

For any inquiries or to stay updated, feel free to reach out to our team.

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Stay tuned for 2024 kickstart, we’ll have a few news pieces that are set to make month-end closing even easier.

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