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Explore What’s New: November Product Update

Sors' 99% accuracy boost, AR/AP tool research, new Web3 accountants, and DeFi tracking. Our product features enhanced asset mapping, Xero integration, and support for 145+ networks. Subscribe for more!

Cryptoworth Newsletter | November 2023

Welcome to the Cryptoworth Newsletter! Let’s explore the latest updates and key insights from the dynamic realm of crypto accounting and finance.

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The past month has been a whirlwind of exciting developments, and we’re here to offer you a concise summary.


Crypto AR AP software Comparison Table
Updated Nov 2023 – Crypto AR AP Software Comparison Table

How to Choose a Crypto AR / AP Solution ?

Last time we published the evolving Crypto Accounting Back Office landscape. Now, we’ve curated a comparison list of these crypto AR/AP solution providers.

Take a deep dive into this comprehensive crypto AR / AP research or look at the solution comparison table.

How Sors Digital Asset Achieved 99% Data Accuracy Boost with Cryptoworth

How Sors reached unparalleled data accuracy: A case study.

Explore how Sors achieved an unparalleled boost in crypto data accuracy. This case study delves into their experience. It showcases improved data accuracy, timely financial intel, and resource optimization.

Working with Cryptoworth’s crypto accounting solution enables us to offer up-to-date information to our management. It empowers them to prioritize delivering value to our customers, all while reducing time spent on laborious manual processes.

Annamaria Bodi, Head of Reporting at Sors

→ Read more in this article.

Certified Web3 Accountants at the Crypto Accounting Academy

In the first cohort of the Crypto Accounting Academy, our COO, Richard Pasquin, facilitated a session: “Accounting for Onchain Transactions.” Witness their expertise as they solve complex challenges using Cryptoworth as their crypto subledger.

Kudos to The Accountant Quits for orchestrating this initiative, and a special shout-out to the first cohort of professionals.

→ Join us in celebrating this milestone!

Latest Webinar

Video Recording of DeFi Tracking for Accurate Crypto Accounting
Watch the Recording here

“DeFi Tracking for Accurate Accounting”

Gain insights on tracking DeFi positions for accurate accounting. Explore the best strategies for reporting on liquid staking tokens and the considerations for gains/loss from Liquidity Pools. Dive into the Q&A Session with Jozef Vogel, VP Finance at ether.fi. Hosted by the Crypto Finance Hub for Web3 Accountants.

→ Watch the short highlights of the episode in this playlist.

Product News & Updates

Increased Mapping Granularity in the General Ledger:
General Ledgers can now map Gain/Loss/Fee accounts to assets within each connection. This allows personalized data mapping for accurate syncing to your main ledger.
→ Learn here how to use Connection Level Mapping for QuickBooks and other accounting gateways.

Xero Bills and Invoices Marked as Paid:
Xero’s two-way sync allows you to import invoices and bills from the main ledger. Next, you can mark them as paid with Cryptoworth.
→Learn more about Cryptoworth’s native Xero integration here.

The Most Comprehensive Integrations:
We now provide support for an impressive list of 145 blockchain networks, 800+ DeFi protocols, and 75 centralized exchanges. These makes us your one-stop destination for all your blockchain needs.

Wrapping Up

A heartfelt thanks to all contributors: including SORS team. Telos blockchain, ORE Network, Klaytn Foundation, Libre.org and WEMIX. The Accountant Quits, Jozef Vogel, Request Finance, Coinshift, BitPay, Copperx, CoinGate, Loop Crypto, CoinPayments, and many more. Your support is integral to the success of our newsletter.

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As we approach the year-end, stay tuned for our upcoming special edition. We have more exciting developments and partnerships in store to wrap up 2023 on a high note.



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