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Introducing the New SAFT Module in our Crypto Accounting Solution

At Cryptoworth we strive to reduce the complexity of cryptocurrency adoption, usage, and management for organizations. That’s why we have recently launched an innovative module designed to streamline crypto accounting. It optimizes the management of Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT).

This new addition is the cornerstone on how investors and companies handle their SAFT investments. This offers unprecedented levels of efficiency and accuracy.

In this article, we delve into the world of SAFT. Its challenges, and how Cryptoworth’s latest offering is set to transform the landscape of crypto accounting.

Understanding SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens)

The SAFT framework represents a bridge between traditional finance and the web3 world. It allows investors to finance a tokenized project in its early stages, with the promise of receiving tokens later. This approach has not only unlocked new investment avenues but also presented unique challenges in accounting and compliance. Understanding the nuances of SAFT is crucial for anyone involved in the crypto investment space.

The Need for a Dedicated SAFT Module in Crypto Accounting

Traditionally, managing SAFT investments has been a labor-intensive process. Most times requiring manual intervention and extensive record-keeping in an excel spreadsheet. We have heard too many times from our customers that they need a better, more simple, automated, and secure way to manage and record SAFT investments. The absence of it has been a significant hurdle in the widespread adoption of SAFT in the crypto investment space.

In-Depth Overview of Cryptoworth’s SAFT Module

Our newly launched SAFT module, a first-of-its-kind in crypto accounting software, simplifies the management of this type of investments. We designed this module to be user-friendly, making it suitable for finance companies of all sizes and investment complexities. It automates the entire SAFT tracking process, and integrates these details into clear, comprehensive financial reports.

SAFT module details in Cryptoworth's crypto accounting solution User Interface

A core aspect of the SAFT module is its seamless integration within the crypto accounting subledger. This integration allows for a streamlined connection with any existing general ledger systems, whether you use Quickbooks, Netsuite, Xero or other ERPs. Such integration ensures that all blockchain finance data, including SAFT investments, is managed under one unified system. This in turn enhances data accessibility and reduces wasted time.

The user experience is a top priority in the design of Cryptoworth’s features. The interface is intuitive, catering to both seasoned professionals and those new to crypto accounting. This approach not only simplifies the accounting process, but also ensures a higher level of accuracy and control over SAFT investments, making it an essential tool for any crypto business or web3 enterprise.

SAFT module overview in Cryptoworth's crypto accounting solution User Interface

3-Step Tutorial of the SAFT Module

To ensure users can maximize the benefits of the SAFT module. Find here the comprehensive step-by-step tutorials in our knowledge base.

Compliance and Regulation Aspects in SAFT Transactions for crypto accounting

Navigating the complex legal landscape is crucial when engaging in SAFT transactions in the dynamic cryptocurrency environment. To guarantee compliance, we strongly recommend consulting with legal, tax, and accounting experts whenever there is uncertainty.

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Security in crypto accounting data

The significance of security cannot be overstated. Cryptoworth’s SAFT module incorporates robust security measures to safeguard user data and transactions.

cryptoworth is soc2 type compliant

Our commitment to data protection and privacy extends to the highest standards. That’s why we’re certified SOC2 Type 2 software solution. 

As a long time user of Cryptoworth, I am particularly excited about the introduction of the SAFT module. The manual approach is prone to changes and can be time-consuming when comparing actual versus expected. The incorporation of the SAFT module has notably enhanced the ease of reconciliation.

Hank Wei, Chief Financial Officer of IVC

The response from who have adopted this SAFT module has been overwhelmingly positive. And, this is further substantiated by our recognition in the software industry. We are proud to have received a high performing accounting solution and best support badges from G2.

Comparing Cryptoworth’s SAFT Module vs. Spreadsheets

A key distinction of Cryptoworth’s SAFT module lies in its integration capabilities. Unlike stand-alone products, this module seamlessly integrates with accountants’ preferred general ledgers.

This advantage stems from its native incorporation into the Crypto Accounting Subledger, ensuring all blockchain finance data, including SAFT investments, is centralized and easily accessible within a unified system.

Expert Opinions on the Importance of SAFT Modules in Crypto Accounting

Industry professionals have lauded the introduction of dedicated SAFT modules in crypto accounting.

Testimonial on SAFT module on Cryptoworth by Harsh Joshi

Future Developments and Upgrades in Cryptoworth’s SAFT Module

Cryptoworth is committed to continuous improvement and innovation.The SAFT module will evolve and scale based on user feedback. Early users of Cryptoworth have the opportunity to propose new features, driving continuous upgrades and development.

FAQs SAFT Crypto Accounting

Cryptoworth’s SAFT module stands out due to its integration capabilities, which aren’t commonly found in standalone products. It integrates seamlessly with accountants’ preferred general ledgers and is part of this crypto accounting subledger. This integration ensures that all blockchain finance data, including SAFT investments, is centralized and accessible within an unified system. This feature is particularly beneficial for web3 finance teams dealing with the complexities of cryptocurrency transactions and financials.

Definitely yes. Cryptoworth is designed with ease of use in mind. Its user interface is similar to most accounting tools, and it’s easy to navigate. The platform offers features like automatic data syncing, improved data readability through automated line item tagging, and simplified financial reporting, making it a suitable tool for CPAs, ACAs, CFOs and other accounting professionals working with digital assets.

The SAFT module is integrated within Cryptoworth’s crypto accounting solution, allowing for a streamlined connection with any existing general ledger systems. This integration ensures that all blockchain finance data, including SAFT investments, is managed under one unified system. The module also features automatic data syncing from 1000+ data connections, including wallets, exchanges, and DeFi platforms, and the ability to merge data with traditional ERPs like Netsuite and Quickbooks.

Cryptoworth’s accounting solution emphasizes the importance of data protection and privacy. We are committed to maintaining high standards in software security, which is reflected in our SOC2 Type 2 certified software solution. This indicates a robust approach to security within all our modules, including the SAFT module.

Proper accounting is crucial for assessing taxes owed and meeting GAAP and IFRS standards in financial reporting. Cryptoworth addresses these requirements through its comprehensive accounting engine and reporting modules.


Cryptoworth’s SAFT module is a pioneering solution in the realm of crypto accounting. It addresses the specific challenges of managing SAFT investments, offering a level of efficiency, accuracy, and security that sets a new standard in the industry. As the world of cryptocurrency continues to evolve, tools like the SAFT module will play a crucial role in shaping the future of digital asset management.

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