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Look back into February 2024 News and Updates

Join us as we dive into the vibrant evolution of the crypto back-office space, celebrating significant milestones and innovations. This month, we spotlight the expansion of Crypto Accounting Solutions, honor the latest cohort of certified Crypto Accounting Experts, and invite you to engage with us at upcoming in-person events.

Cryptoworth Newsletter | February 2024

With Bitcoin’s halving looming on the horizon, the excitement in the crypto sphere is palpable. Amidst this fervor, the Web3 back-office space is undergoing unprecedented growth and evolution, gearing up for the influx of companies incorporating crypto assets into their financial reporting. In this newsletter, we delve into the burgeoning landscape of crypto accounting solutions and the preparations underway for this next wave.

Our product team has been hard at work, diligently upgrading our infrastructure and dedicated servers to ensure seamless service delivery for our expanding client base. These enhancements will not only bolster our capacity but also enhance the reliability and performance of our crypto accounting solution.

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Here is a short list of updates.

Crypto Accounting Solutions keep growing.

As more professionals and companies are coming back after a long crypto winter, the quantity and quality of software and solutions have grown exponentially

We’ve released three landscape researches on what’s going on in the crypto back-office space:

1- Check out the  Crypto Accounting Back Office landscape for an overview panoramic comprehension of the main players of this growing niche.

2- Revisit the software comparison in How to choose a Crypto AR/AP solution for an easy guide to learning how to evaluate one and why it is so important in the upcoming months.

3- Dive into the best Crypto Accounting Firm snapshot piece for a grasp on more than 30+ financial advisors and CPAs guiding companies through the maze of Web3 bookkeeping, tax reporting, and planning. 

Delve into any of these comprehensive analyses and discover which solutions are the best fit to scale your workflow and processes during this bull market.

New Crypto Accounting Experts Certified

More accounting professionals are getting certified, speeding up the trend of digital asset accounting adoption by companies. The Accountant Quits Academy has completed their #2 cohort of students who will be graduating soon as Web3 accountants certified. 

In addition, there’s a new group of professionals who have mastered our software solution and are now primed to provide top-notch services for seamless crypto accounting operations: 

Qthics is an India-based back office specializing in crypto accounting for CPAs, Chartered Accountants, Tax Attorneys, EAs, and Fractional CFO firms. They offer tailored services to enhance efficiency and security in crypto transactions and reporting for both individual and corporate clients.

Are you interested in getting certified? Learn more and get in touch with us here.

Upcoming IRL events

We recently announced our participation during Paris Blockchain Week as Official Sponsors (April 9th to 11th). We’re very excited planning our French visit and we hope to meet all of you in the area. We’ll be setting up booth #1, so you can’t miss us when you enter. Come and say hi! 

Our team will also stay in the Euro region for a while, visiting the Digital Accountancy Show in London on April 15th to 17th. DM us your availability so we can add a meeting spot.

Wrap Up 

As we reflect on the milestones of the past month, we’re energized by the momentum propelling the crypto accounting space forward. Looking ahead, we anticipate even greater strides as we continue to innovate, collaborate, and empower accounting professionals and finance teams to navigate the complexities of the digital asset back-office landscape. 

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