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New Year, New Features: January 2024 Cryptoworth’s Update

Join us in recognizing top Crypto Accounting Firms, celebrate the certification of our first Crypto Accounting Experts, and explore real-world case studies, including the New SAFT Module

Cryptoworth Newsletter | January 2024

As we embark on a new year, we’re excited to share with you the latest developments and achievements in the world of crypto accounting and finance.

Let’s dive in together as we unveil new market segments, milestones, celebrate our customers, and provide the latest industry news.

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    January 2024 started with full-engines roaring in the crypto back-office space. Here it is a short list of updates.

    What’s new:

    The 2024 Crypto Accounting Firm Landscape

    Kicking off the new year, we’ve taken a snapshot on the top 2024 Crypto Accounting Firms. This detailed overview showcases over 34 trailblazing firms in the Crypto Accounting Back Office landscape, each committed to addressing the diverse needs of web3 companies at various stages of growth. 

    Delve into our comprehensive analysis and discover the best crypto accounting firm for your business in our in-depth article, available here.

    Cryptoworth Certifies Crypto Accounting Experts

    January has been a landmark month with the certification of our inaugural group of Crypto Accounting Experts. These professionals have mastered our software solution and are now primed to provide top-notch services for seamless crypto accounting operations

    Elliot Watts & Aaron K.
    R3gen Finance
    Cori Eschenbach.
    Kranz Consulting
    Judah Kosky.
    Fireside CFO & Bookkeeping
    Annamaria Bodi.
    SORS Digital Assets
    Aryeh Munk.
    Onchain Accounting
    Rishaal Kamta
    Elizabeth Solon.
    Jennifer Williams.
    Jozef Vogel.

    Are you interested in joining this dedicated group? Learn more and get in touch with us here.

    Four real world applications of Cryptoworth solution.

    Read along these experiences of some of our current customers to learn about their challenges, and which solution has worked for them the best.

    1. MELD Case Study: MELD leveraged Cryptoworth for a successful first-year financial audit, demonstrating the effectiveness of automated crypto accounting in the Web3 space. Explore their key learnings

    2. SORS Case Study: SORS achieved a 99.9% boost in crypto data accuracy with Cryptoworth, enhancing their operational efficiency and data accuracy in crypto accounting. Read how they implemented it.

    3. Catalyst Group Case Study: Discover how Catalyst Group improved client onboarding and data management processes using Cryptoworth, transforming their financial management approach. Look its most valuable features used.

    4. Honey Badger Case Study: Learn about Honey Badger’s unique challenges in crypto accounting and the solutions provided by Cryptoworth to streamline their processes. Watch their ledger sync.

    These summaries are designed to highlight the solutions provided by Cryptoworth, speeding up their accounting back-office.

    Celebrating Our Customers

    During this month, Cryptoworth was honored to shine a spotlight on some of our distinguished customers who are making waves in the web3 finance landscape.

    Their innovative leadership and successes are a source of inspiration to us all.

    Join us in acknowledging the achievements of Scott, Nauman, Jozef, and their teams in each of the links above.

    Product News & Updates:

    New SAFT Module available for all Cryptoworth users

    We just announced our latest release- the New SAFT Module. This feature addition to our platform simplifies the complexities of managing Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT), marking a significant leap from traditional methods.

    Discover how this module can transform your financial reporting here.

    The Most Comprehensive Integrations

    Our commitment to comprehensive support continues with the launch of our updated data connection page. Featuring over 1000 connections across blockchains, exchanges, custodians, and more, it now includes our newest integrations:

    Digital Assets News Stories

    The IRS Announcement 2024-4 brings pivotal changes for businesses dealing with digital assets, altering the reporting requirements for transactions over $10,000.

    Companies can now begin adopting FASB’s latest mandates (ASU 2023-08) on  fair value reporting for specific crypto assets. A significant shift for the accounting standards in the digital asset space.

    Wrap Up 

    As we kickstart 2024, our dedication to leading the charge in crypto accounting remains unwavering. We’re committed to equipping you with the best tools and insights to confidently manage digital assets.

    Stay connected with us for more groundbreaking updates and developments in the crypto accounting landscape.

    We extend our heartfelt thanks to the first certified accountants, our spotlighted users, the Humanode and inabit team, to all the pioneer crypto accounting firms portrayed in the 2024 landscape, and all other contributors for their invaluable support in making this a unforgettable beginning of the year at Cryptoworth.

    Thank you for being a part of the Cryptoworth community. Here’s to a prosperous and innovative 2024!

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