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Check out our latest Product Update: September 2023

Another round of features, upgrades, and integrations to speed up your journals and save time while closing month-end faster.

Ensure data integrity, make reporting pricing pegs easier, integrate NFT with the main ledger, and expedite exports.

Welcome to Cryptoworth’s latest product roundup.

The Cryptoworth team has attended Token2049 and Messari Mainnet 2023 this month. We’re so happy for the people we met and the conversation we held. Meanwhile, we’ve not slowed down on releasing upgrades and features to speed up your journals and save time while closing month-end faster.

If you are frustrated by how cumbersome your multiple accounting spreadsheets are becoming, you might be ready to upgrade them with our automated reconciliation software. → Read how to start here, or contact us.

Features Launched:

Taxability Sanity Check

Ensure calculation data integrity with this extra sanity check. This is a warning that displays on the Reports page.

This message appears whenever a calculation includes transactions that don’t have a taxability behavior matching their classification. One more check to reduce taxable impact errors when reconciliating your books. The sanity check includes steps to resolve any discrepancies automatically.

Asset Pegging in the UGL Report

Unrealized Gain/Loss reports will now reflect any asset pegs you currently have. To see this data reflected, make sure to refresh the UGL calculation of your portfolio.

NFT Transaction sync option to the General Ledger

NFT assets and transactions, of ERC 721 and ERC 1155 now can be synced with General Ledger systems. An overall improvement to NFT asset tracking in your main general ledger. Check out this improvement by running a new NFTs sync to your ledger.

Data Exports in Real Time

We’ve upgraded our infrastructure to speed up transaction and report exports. We reduced a 1 minute delay for exporting to no-delay at all. Now we process data exports much faster.

Expanding the Largest Blockchain Data Integration Library

Cryptoworth has the largest support for blockchains, standing at 135 chains integrated. This streamlines your digital asset management and makes tracking 100% accurate in data collection and reporting.

We are providing accountants with expanded coverage for digital asset collection and tracking. This month, we’ve added the following:

  • Fio Network – Blockchain
  • Polygon zkEVM – Blockchain
  • XPR – Blockchain
  • Hedera
  • FMFW (Centralized exchange)

Sync data from +130  blockchains, exchanges, DeFi protocols, Accounting Systems and ERPs.
Our team is the fastest in implementing new blockchain networks. If you need another one, we’ll do it in less than a week.

What’s in the News on Digital Asset in September 2023

The first crypto accounting meetup → Crypto Finance Hub for Web3 Accountants.
Join for free the first crypto accounting meetup → Crypto Finance Hub for Web3 Accountants.

Stay Informed about Digital Assets Management, Accounting Regulation, and Web3 Events in our Blog and Social Media.


In a fast-paced month, we’ve enhanced data integrity, pricing accuracy, NFT integration, and speeding up the overall performance of the system, simplifying digital asset management.

As we continue to innovate, we’re dedicated to supporting you. Contact us for more information or to explore the benefits of these updates.

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