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Best Performance in G2 Awards for Crypto Accounting Software

Cryptoworth Earns Top Honors in Spring 2024 G2 Awards, showcasing leading crypto accounting solutions

Celebrating New Achievements

We are thrilled to announce that Cryptoworth has been recognized again as a leader in the crypto accounting software space, receiving three prestigious badges in the G2 Spring 2024 review cycle.

This new milestone clearly recognizes our position as a top performer leader in the cryptocurrency accounting back-office space.

G2 Users Love Us Badge Spring 2024
Users love Cryptoworth on G2

Users Love Us Badge:

Cryptoworth has been awarded the “Users Love Us” badge, a testament to our software’s user satisfaction and crypto data accuracy. This badge is earned after collecting dozens of top rated reviews for our crypto accounting sub-ledger.

G2 High Performer Small-Business Spring 2024
Cryptoworth is a leader in Small-Business Crypto Accounting on G2

High Performer Small-Business Spring 2024 Badge:

We are proud to have earned the “High Performer Small-Business Spring 2024” badge. This recognition places Cryptoworth in the High quadrant of the Small-Business Grid® Report, acknowledging our exceptional customer satisfaction among all web3 business.

G2 High Performer Small-Business Spring 2024
Cryptoworth is a leader in Web3 Accounting on G2

High Performer Spring 2024 Badge:

We have been recognized as “High Performer of Crypto Accounting” for our overall performance in the G2 Grid® Report. This underscores our position as a top-tier provider, showcasing our efforts to deliver reliable solutions for crypto accountants.

→ See all our user reviews here.

Crypto Accounting Software Ranking

The G2 team has unveiled its latest category launch—the Crypto Accounting Software category. G2 added it to cater to the needs of companies seeking streamlined accounting solutions for their digital assets. A software that helps them understand and manage the complexities of DeFi, NFTs, Liquid Staking and evolving regulatory policies.

These crypto accounting solutions on G2 include Cryptoworth at the top. It showcases the industry’s commitment to excellence in providing cutting-edge solutions for crypto accounting.

Amal Joby, a G2 crypto researcher, envisions a transformative future for crypto accounting software. He states, “The demand for crypto accounting software products will increase tremendously as more businesses accept crypto as a payment method. These products will also become increasingly automated, significantly reducing the time and effort required to accurately process financial data. They will also be able to integrate with smart contracts software to automate financial processes.”

Cryptoworth’s User Ratings and Rankings:

  • Rated #1 for Quality of Support
  • Rated #2 for Custom Reporting
  • Rated #2 for Likelihood to Recommend for Small Businesses
  • Rated #3 for Integration APIs

Check out our user ratings and read the detailed reviews here.

Customer Testimonials:

A game-changer in the world of cryptocurrency accounting

“Handling high transaction volumes is a breeze, and the reports it generates are exactly what I need. The Cryptoworth team is incredibly responsive and always quick to address any issues. Navigating through my transactions is smooth and hassle-free thanks to their user-friendly portal. Cryptoworth has truly simplified my daily cryptocurrency accounting tasks.”

Nauman Mustafa, CFO at Celo Blockchain

Cryptoworth solves for the most challenging of Crypto bookkeeping problems

“Cryptoworth is solving problems for the most complex crypto accounting, be it DeFi transactions or cross chain swaps. Cryptoworth consistently surprises me with its accuracy and ability to pull nuanced data from early projects.As a super user of crypto accounting subledgers over the years Cryptoworth has been one of the best at handling big and complex datasets”

Elliott Watts, CFO at r3gen finance.

Powerful tool in crypto accounting

“Cryptoworth addresses the challenge of aggregating trading data by providing a platform that eliminates the need for me to individually build APIs for each new platform my clients use. This streamlines the process, saving me time and technical effort, and ensures that I have complete and accurate trading data at my fingertips. This convenience significantly enhances efficiency and reduces the potential for errors in data collection and management.”

Yuky Yu, CPA – CoFounder at Soroban Fund Services

These new milestones are built on the success built in the previous winter 2024 season. As we celebrate, we remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of crypto accounting software. Our team at Cryptoworth is excited to continue providing outstanding solutions and support to our valued clients.

Thank you to our users, whose continuous feedback and support drive our ongoing improvement and success.

Discover why users rate us highly by visiting our G2 reviews page

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    Ariel Eiberman

    Ariel Eiberman is the marketing lead at Cryptoworth, a leading crypto accounting software that helps web3 accountants speed up month-end closing. He has more than 6 years of experience in product marketing for software companies and a background of organizing olympic games and polyglot meetups in multiple cities.

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